What It Means to Work in Construction

As graduation season approaches and young people around the region are deciding what to do with their futures, we thought we’d share some insight on what it means to work in construction. Our own Alec West, a project manager here, provided his thoughts on the subject.

  1. Alec West of Miles ConstrctionHow long have you worked in construction?
    While completing my Construction Management degree at Purdue University, I worked at Miles as a summer intern for two years. After graduating, I came to work full time more than two years ago.
  1. What is your favorite thing about working in construction?Construction is always evolving, and no two projects are ever the same. We do something new and different with every project, and each one is a new challenge. At Miles especially, we take on unique and challenging projects, and that makes it fun.
  1. What are the biggest challenges in a career in construction?
    Construction right now is particularly challenging itself with material delays, supply chain issues and ever-changing safety protocols on the job site. In general, the biggest challenge a construction worker faces is the unknown on each project. There’s always something that creates an unexpected challenge, and it’s our job to find the solution as seamlessly and affordably forour client.
  1. What is most rewarding about a career in construction?
    The best feeling is handing off the finished product to the hands of a satisfied client. It brings a sense of accomplishment and pride when you see a project from design to completion, and that’s something that lasts forever. 
  1. What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in construction?
    Never limit yourself. There are endless opportunities in the construction industry.

Miles is always seeking qualified applicants to join our team. For more information on careers at Miles Construction, click here.

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