Storey County School District Proposed School Campus

The following outlines the proposed new school campus for Storey County School District.


Storey County School District (SCSD) is proposing construction of a new school building on the southern section of the current Virginia City High School property, integrating Hugh Gallagher Elementary School and Virginia City Middle School into a unified K-8 learning facility. The construction of a combined K-8 school will alleviate safety concerns and provide a consolidated, secure educational campus spanning grades K-12 for Storey County children.

This new school will not only address the educational needs of the growing community but also play a pivotal role in enhancing overall community development, fostering social connections, and contributing to the local economy in Virginia City.

The proposed construction budget for the school is $20 – $22 million with a total project budget of up to $28 million. Construction is slated to commence in late 2024 or early 2025, aligning with the objective of opening its doors at the beginning of the 2026 school year.


It’s time for a new school building in Storey County. Currently, the safety of our district children is at risk. The proposed new building will provide a safe, leading-edge facility to accommodate both elementary and middle school students. With funds to do so, the opportunity to build an effective and efficient school campus is now.

  1. SAFETY: Today, SCSD children in elementary and middle school have an open, unsecured campus with an active road traveling through the middle of both school campuses. This presents a safety issue that will be resolved with a contained school campus.
  2. EFFICIENCY: Having two schools together in one building presents an opportunity to share not only resources but maintain an efficient budget and save on operational costs.
  3. FINANCIAL POSITION: Storey County is now in the financial position to be able to secure the bonds necessary for a new school building without any additional taxes.


The proposed school design will be an estimated 40,000 square-foot, two-story structure with grades K-5 on the second story and grades 6-8 on the first level.  Shared facilities, including a library, a Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) lab, a computer lab, a kitchen, a multipurpose commons, various outdoor play areas, and administration spaces, will be accessible to both schools. This design promotes collaborative use of common spaces and resources for an integrated learning environment.

Aesthetically the building is a direct response to the proposed location, keeping in mind visual lines of sight and view impediments for Virginia City residents and businesses. The building features a sloped roof, enhancing the natural contours of the site and ensuring effective snow management. The design pays homage to Virginia City’s industrial mining heritage by incorporating formal elements and materiality reminiscent of historical mining structures, most notably stamp mills.


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Owner’s Project Manager: Hess Construction

Architect: H+K Architects

Construction: Miles Construction

Civil Engineer: Lumos & Associates

Structural Engineer: Lumos & Associates

Mechanical Engineer: Ainsworth Associates

Electrical Engineer: PK Electrical, In.

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