The Penny Project Raises Awareness on Suicide Prevention in our Local Community

In an effort to help build a better future for our local community, Miles Construction, is proud to sponsor and be involved with many organizations in our region, including the Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada and Western Nevada College. This summer, Miles took on a new role as a sponsor of the Penny Project, an initiative to help raise awareness for the Suicide Prevention Network.

The Penny Project volunteers dropping off baskets in Minden, NV. [Courtesy of The Penny Project]

“Outside of work, our team’s goal is to contribute our time and energy to areas that really touch our hearts,” said Cary Richardson, Miles’ vice president of business development. “When we see an opportunity to support a cause that makes a difference in our community, we jump in full force.”

Miles’ strong ties to the local community has allowed us to work directly with students and young adults to help them cultivate real-life skills necessary to succeed. Now, we are investing into the life-changing project developed by a team of ambitious college students, the Penny Project.

The Penny Project consists of a team of volunteers who are taking action to raise awareness for suicide prevention. The idea is that finding a penny brings you joy, so they’ve taken that concept to help spread smiles across the community. Volunteers place baskets in local businesses with a card and a penny in hopes to brighten someone’s day. In addition to baskets, Penny Project volunteers are also placing boxes in local businesses and community centers for donations. Donations are then collected by the team and donated to The Suicide Prevention Network.

Miles’ sponsorship allowed the volunteers to kick-start the Penny Project rather than relying on grant money.

“We hope our sponsorship raises awareness and supports those in need,” said Richardson. “We have faith the Penny Project will make a real difference in our community.”

To learn more about the Penny Project, visit here.


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