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To take a 100-year-old structure, change it into an advanced manufacturing operation and restore it to modern LEED certified standards is a very tall order. It’s something that has never been achieved before, not to mention in a building that sits on the National Register of Historic Places. But it happened in Minden, Nevada. And the original Minden Flour Mill & Creamery buildings reopened as the Bently Heritage Distillery in November 2018.

The renovation process was challenging and required expertise in construction, historic preservation and manufacturing. We worked to achieve a best-in-class outcome using the highest quality materials, equipment, processes and installation techniques. We had to create a visual experience that would add to the appeal of the distillery’s product and the tasting experience for customers. The design of the structures, and the routing of the mechanical systems, was done in a way that delivers a powerful visual impact in concert with the building’s other elements. It really has to been seen.

The outcome is a fully-restored historic landmark that’s also an advanced manufacturing facility. Bently Heritage is producing premium distilled spirits crafted from locally-sourced grain for a true estate distillery moniker and a visitor experience that’s unlike anything else in the West.

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