The 17,600-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility was constructed from pre-engineered steel, masonry and structural steel based in Sparks, Nevada. This unique facility was designed and certified as a LEED Gold building utilizing the latest mechanical and electrical technologies. A fully automated control system is incorporated in the facility allowing the owner to condition and light the spaces based on occupancy and natural light available from the windows and skylights. The “Green Building” philosophies were followed from the site design to the floor finishes within the building.

One of the hurdles that needed to be negotiated during design included the incorporation of the three main building materials. There were strict architectural requirements to adhere to and from both Kiley Ranch, the development area, and the City of Sparks that were challenging while constructing this facility. Having the strong background in multiple construction materials and our profound knowledge of pre-engineered steel buildings has provided us with the ability to guide the overall design. Another hurdle during design was to create an energy efficiency that would meet or surpass the new environmental requirements and incorporate these efficiencies into a large conditioned warehouse. This was also accomplished.

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