Virginia City Community Center

The final building design for the first phase is 4,700 SF, comprised of a 1,600 SF youth center with a kitchen, a 2,100 SF health clinic and a 1,000 SF nonprofit office area. The building is clad in metal siding and roofing to remain consistent with the historical buildings in the area. From the outside, the stairs that lead to the second floor resemble that of a mining structure. The building utilizes conventional high efficiency mechanical systems and energy efficient lighting. The second phase of the project will add over 5,000 SF of multipurpose room, additional offices and associated restrooms.

We were confronted with two main challenges while building this project, the first and most critical, was the budget. The Community Chest had a finite amount of funding to construct their facility and increasing the contract was not an option. The second challenge, related to the season in which we started and completed construction, winter. Virginia City is located at an altitude where they receive large quantities of snow which can impact scheduling. Through all the challenges, we were able maximize the size and features of the facility, open on time and within the original budget.

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