Eureka Fire

Fire Station

The Eureka Fire House is an example of combining conventional and pre-engineered steel construction.  The building is approximately 13,000 sq ft utilizing pre-engineered steel, structural steel assemblies around window and overhead doors, heavy gauge metal stud framed walls, and a brick veneer attuned to the historic feel of the city.

Fire Stations being classified as essential facilities require design loads significantly higher than standard structures.  Additional requirements were imposed by the engineer to insure the pre-engineered steel frame would create a building skeleton with minimal movement thereby insuring the brick façade was more stable than if conventionally build using wood framing.

This building is located in area with higher than average snow loads.  These loads combined with the engineers stiffening enhancements presented some unique design challenges.  The pre-engineered steel building met all of these load and movement requirements easily. Combined these stringent design requirements gave Eureka County an exceptionally safe and structurally sound building.

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