Battery Systems

The 200,000-square-foot distribution center for Battery Systems consists of a PEMB with a 4-foot Masonry Wainscot on three sides of the building and 12-foot masonry walls on the end wall with 12 docks levelers. There are 188 clear panels provided in the warehouse for natural lighting. The wind columns were offset in each 50 feet bay to allow for an unobstructed installation of the ESFR System.

The 4,000-square-foot office structure is accented with insulated wall panels and an architectural overhang. The demising walls extend to the structure of the PEMB isolating the office from the noise and heat of the warehouse.

The partnership of Miles Construction with the owner and the owner’s design team allowed us to increase the scope of the project while still coming in under budget. By analyzing multiple HVAC options, fire suppression systems and site improvements, we were able to increase the square footage of the office area significantly and also absorb PEMB cost increases while remaining under budget for the project.

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