American Batteries

Production Facility

In February 2021 Miles broke ground on a project for American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) in Fernley, Nevada. The 85,000 square-foot facility is the company’s first-ever commercial pilot plant using a clean technology platform to recycle lithium-ion batteries to recover and reuse the metals.

Currently lithium-ion batteries, found in electric vehicles as well as many household items, are not often recycled and pose a threat to the environment when disposed. Few recycling plants in the world recycle lithium-ion batteries and those that do, do so in a way that releases toxins with other harmful effects on the environment. The ABTC facility in Fernley is the first of its kind to recycle and reuse the battery materials in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Project Details

  • Design & Build
  • 85,000 sq. ft Facility
  • First Lithium-Ion Battery Recycle and Reuse Facility
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