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Geosynthetics Manufacturer

The 40,000 plus square foot manufacturing facility consists of a pre-engineered metal building utilizing masonry walls for durability and aesthetics. The flexibility of pre-engineered steel allowed the four 16-ton cranes and the two five-ton cranes to be supported by the building structure minimizing the need for a separate support structure for the cranes themselves. The north end of the building was designed with a fully loaded end wall frame to allow for future expansion of the building with minimal cost impact.

The 11,000-square-foot office structure is constructed of masonry walls with a steel and concrete floor and roof system. The main focal point of the building is the 40-foot-tall curtain wall glass entry structure. It is a custom manufactured system that utilizes the company’s corporate color of Agru Blue.

The project demonstrated a true partnership with the owner during both the design and construction phases. One of the most important tools used in this project was the design assist approach that saved the client money and directly involved them throughout the project. This allowed greater flexibility during construction to ensure the building they needed was exactly what they received. The plant manager was on site for the last four months of the eight-month construction schedule to coordinate the setup of equipment.

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