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TRI Center and other industrial projects

Our industrial projects are where you'll find Miles Construction's largest scale projects. We’ve been active in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, commonly referred to as the TRI Center, as well as other industrial parks. Pre-engineered steel and tilt-up concrete panel figure prominently in many industrial projects; Miles has a long history of working with both techniques.

We've been pleased to meet the needs of a variety of industrial clients with projects ranging from specialized manufacturing plants to technical application centers.


AquaMetals selected Miles Construction to build the first lead battery recycling facility in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC). The facility opened its doors in 2016 and uses AquaRefiningTM, a clean and safe process, to recycle lead batteries. This process helps eliminate the inefficiency, costs and toxic waste associated with conventional lead acid battery recycling.

Aqua Metals, Inc. (NASDAQ: AQMS) has developed AquaRefiningTM, a modular electrochemical process that produces ultra-pure lead from used lead-acid batteries in an efficient and socially responsible manner. Unlike lead smelting (the current method of recycling lead-acid batteries), AquaRefining produces almost no emissions and a substantial amount of the energy it uses comes from renewable sources. AquaRefining also consumes much less total energy and is more cost effective than lead smelting. Aqua Metals has engineering offices in Oakland, California and plans to build multiple commercial AquaRefineries, the first of which will be near Reno, Nevada. For more information go to

Agru America

The 40,000 plus sq. ft. manufacturing facility consists of a pre-engineered metal building utilizing masonry walls for durability and aesthetics. The flexibility of pre-engineered steel allowed the four 16 ton cranes and the two 5 ton cranes to be supported by the building structure minimizing the need for a separate support structure for the cranes themselves. The north end of the building was designed with a fully loaded end wall frame, which will allow for future expansion of the building with minimal cost impact.

The 11,000 sq. ft. office structure is constructed of masonry walls with a steel and concrete floor and roof system. The main focal point of the building is the 40 foot tall curtain wall glass entry structure. It is a custom manufactured system that utilizes the company’s corporate color of Agru Blue.

The project demonstrated a true partnership with the Owner during both the design and construction phases. One of the most important tools used in this project was the design assist approach, which saved the client money and directly involved them in the project. This allowed greater flexibility throughout construction to ensure the building they needed is exactly what they received. The Plant Manager was on site for the last four months of the 8 month construction schedule to coordinate the setup of equipment.

Battery Systems

The 200,000 s.f. distribution center for Battery Systems consists of a PEMB with a 4’ Masonry Wainscot on three sides of the building, and 12’ masonry walls on the end wall with 12 docks levelers. 188 clear panels were provided in the warehouse for natural lighting. The wind columns were offset in each 50’ bay to allow for an unobstructed installation of the ESFR System.

The 4,000 s.f. office structure is accented with insulated wall panels and an architectural overhang. The demising walls extend to the structure of the PEMB isolating the office from the noise and heat of the warehouse.

The partnership of Miles Construction with the owner and the owner’s design team allowed us to increase the scope of the project while still coming in under budget. By analyzing multiple HVAC options, fire suppression systems and site improvements, we were able to increase the s.f. of the office area significantly and also absorb PEMB cost increases while remaining under budget for the project.

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