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We are an industry leader in cannabis construction.

In today’s rapidly changing cannabis industry, we have carved out a niche and have quickly risen to become a recognized industry leader. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities coupled with our ability to seamlessly work hand-in-hand with market visionaries has enabled us to complete a number of projects – from concept to completion and from ground up to reconstruction.

The innovative, leading-edge public and privately-held companies selected Miles because of three things:
One. Our ability to manage the entire construction process from design to final product.
Two. Staying within budget.
Three. Completing it on time.

Currently, we have a dozen projects in design or under construction in multiple markets, nationally building both traditional indoor and state-of-the-art Dutch-style greenhouse facilities, incorporating cultivation, extraction and production.

We know that cannabis projects come with their own set of unique challenges and requirements, which include complying with ever-evolving state regulations. These types of builds require highly-targeted, highly-scientific planning to ensure the facilities meet, maintain or exceed the industry’s stringent rules and regulations – all the while keeping in step with the incredibly fast-paced development of industry-specific products.

We’ve become experts in industry-specific operational and procedural requirements which include engineering, climate control systems, water and power delivery as well as usage. In addition, we must understand the chemicals and MSDS used in the project “clean room” design as well as the technical requirements of industrial laboratories and kitchens. Contamination, disease, pests and mold are other considerations that must be accounted for in the construction process.

Project highlights include:

  • Med Men – Mustang, Nevada. Ground-up pre-engineered steel greenhouse for cultivation and production. 26,250 square foot greenhouse + 19,250 square foot processing facility.
  • Med Men – Desert Hot Springs, California. Ground-up pre-engineered steel greenhouse for cultivation and production. 26,250 square foot greenhouse + 19,250 square foot processing facility.
  • Srene – Verdi, Nevada. Ground-up pre-engineered steel greenhouse for cultivation and production. 22,630 square foot processing facility + 3,000 square foot office.
  • GTI Rise – Carson City, Nevada. Tenant improvement for cultivation and production. 14,000 square feet
  • GTI Rise – Dispensaries. Multiple tenant improvement projects across northern Nevada.

There’s no one else with more experience in building cultivation and production facilities than Miles Construction.


Best in Class


Skilled. Experienced. Responsive. These are qualities you’ll find when working with Miles Construction, a diversified Northern Nevada general contractor founded in 1986. Miles has the capacity to handle large commercial or industrial construction, while remaining nimble enough to quickly respond to any challenges that may arise.



In 2014, Miles’ Vice President Cary Richardson recognized a need for specialized construction expertise to support the burgeoning cannabis industry. Miles understood early on that building a cannabis cultivation and production facility requires considerations and skills that don’t exist in other industries. Today, Miles has nearly a dozen cannabis projects in design or under construction in multiple markets. They partner with public and privately-held companies to build both traditional indoor and state-of-the-art Dutch style greenhouse facilities.

Fully Enclosed Non-Venting Greenhouses
Overall Environmental Control
Advanced Lighting Fixtures
Hordicultural Controls
Secure Facility
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Yet Again
Your Most Important Partner
Your general contractor. Bring on your team early and look for strong cannabis experience.
Site Selection & Licensing
Whether choosing an existing location or greenfield site, make sure it meets all zoning requirements and has the necessary infrastructure in place.
Do Your Homework
Visit similar facilities, research, talk to others, review compliance requirements, obtain funding and keep an open mind.
Make Your Project a Priority
Find the expertise to complement yours. Be clear in what you want and stay focused. If you are focused, your team will be focused.
Set Realistic Expectations
This includes your budget, the design and construction phases, equipment needs and requirements. Expect the unexpected.
It's Your Vision
Make sure the end product is exactly what you want and complements your longterm vision and plans.
Continue the Process
It doesn't stop when you open your doors. Maintain involvement with state licensing requirements and continue your industry knowledge.
Assemble Your Team
Make your vision reality with the right team, with the right expertise. Get it right the first time.
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