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Schluter Systems project is LEED certified

Obtaining LEED Gold certification for a construction project is difficult enough on its own, but combining that objective with a fast-track construction schedule creates a formidable challenge.

Those were the dual goals in constructing Schluter Systems' training and distribution center in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. Miles Construction of Carson City was up to the challenge, bringing its experience in sustainable building and condensed construction schedules to the project.

Miles was general contractor for the 90,000-square-foot state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility. It's equipped with an array of sustainable systems, some of which had never been tried in the U.S. or attempted on such a large scale. The building’s green systems include an energy-saving geo-thermal radiant heating and cooling floor system; daylight harvesting and rainwater reuse; and ceramic floor tile that improves air quality by being easy to clean and not emitting VOCs.

One of the building's most visible sustainable components is the "living wall," a 400-square-foot structure covered with live plants. Besides serving as a focal point for the atrium, the living wall purifies the air and produces oxygen and moisture.

Miles managed a worldwide team of consultants, juggled multiple permits and resolved design issues on the fly to meet the project deadline.

The Schluter Systems facility, completed in 2011, was Miles Construction's third LEED certified project. The first was the Bently Biofuels Outpost in 2008, thought to be the first LEED Gold convenience store in the U.S. That project was followed in 2009 by Belimo Americas, a 17,600-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Sparks.

Miles has incorporated sustainable technologies into many other projects even when the owner wasn’t specifically seeking LEED certification. Miles' philosophy is to go beyond being green just for green’s sake; we look for sustainability measures that will pay off for the owner.

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